Synthetic Humans adopt the latest in 3D modelling and rendering techniques in order to provide the highest levels of realism. Each synthetic human build starts with the selection of model to be scanned for the production process.

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Step 1: 'The Italian Speedboat'

The chosen talent is scanned using a custom built multi camera rig built specifically for scanning human heads.

Dubbed 'The Italian Speedboat' due to it's construction from laminated wood and aluminium, this multi-camera rig is custom built specifically to focus on capturing multiple portrait images simultaneously and also to be portable enough to enable flexibility in the shoot process. Using canon DSLR cameras (18mpx for the main facial detail and 10mpx for more general detail) up to 72 images are captured for a neutral scan (whole head) and 24 images for any supporting FACS based scans.

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Step 2: From scan to model

The scan is then processed to produce a 3D version of the subject.

The resulting scanned images are then used to create both meshes and textures for the final Synthetic Human.The images captured with the 'Italian speedboat' camera rig are then used to create accurate lifelike 3D models, From skin pores, wrinkles and skin tone through to individual FACS based blend targets for animation.

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Step 3: Rigging for animation

The Synthetic Human is then rigged for animation making use of FACS derived blend shapes and supporting textures.

Over 70 blend shapes are then taken from the scanned subject and wired into the neutral scan to enable animation of the face.
Along with the physical changes to the face; changes in skin tone, fine wrinkles and deformations are also captured and used to enhance the realsim of the animation.

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Step 4: Animation from Performance Capture

Animation is drawn from performance capture taken at the same time as the scan.

Using high end video performance analysing software (used for AAA game and blockbuster movie production) realistic and lifelike emotion and movement is captured from actual performances and applied to the Synthetic Humans to bring them to life. Once the animation is applied the Synthetic Human is then rendered for integration into the cross platform player.