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Human Avatars Based on Real People

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Avatars can be produced from images supplied by the client (i.e. an existing company representative or 'top salesperson of the year') or we can provide a design service based on real people to help the client choose the avatar to represent them online. The final avatars are produced as pre-rendered animations delivered in Flash or via our proprietary cross platform player for embedding into webpages. We at Flagshipp deliver high quality avatars on-time and at affordable rates.

Triggerable Emotes

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Avatars are animated with a randomised neutral 'idle' in order to breathe life into them and remove awkward repetitiveness. They also have a selection of trigger-able standardised emotive responses such as happy, upset, confused, excited and question. As each avatar is unique extra emotes can be tailored and expanded on to suit each individual client need.


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Many blue chip clients have taken advantage of Flagshipp pre-rendered, animated avatars in order to maintain high standards and appeal with their online customer service experience.